在Renbrook学校, our 体育课 department strives to guide students towards finding a lifelong love of fitness, 体育, 锻炼, 健康, 和玩耍. The 体育课 and 全球十大外围足球平台 programs offer various age-appropriate activities to meet each student’s physical, 情感, 认知发展. The well-planned and sequential curriculum allows students to build individual skills, 理解概念, 了解健康和健康的重要性. We emphasize 合作, respect for self and others, teamwork, and competition.  
体育教师强调安全, 支持崭露头角的运动员, 竞争和良好的体育精神之间的平衡. 两个体育馆和大量的运动场, 绳索课程, 所有学生都可以使用户外学习空间.  


  • 在发展公平方面, 准备好接受规则, 合作, 自我控制, 对学校和个人财产负责. 
  • Develop a sense of achievement through their effort, perseverance, and respect for their potential. 
  • Understand the importance of physical fitness, which leads to optimum 健康 for the growing child. 
  • Develop a sense of self-confidence and understanding of leadership qualities. 
  • 培养学习体育和锻炼的自我动力. 
  • 体会快乐和幸福, which can follow from wholesome physical activities to encourage a lifetime of participation. 
  • Acquire general and specific skills and understand a variety of game elements suitable to their age. 
  • Develop a proper perspective regarding competition with both themselves and others.  
  • 积极参与全球十大外围足球平台.  
  • Develop a broader understanding of skills and concepts related to those activities in which they participate.  


  • Beginning School 体育课 - 学前教育, 初级幼儿园, 幼儿园

    初学 体育课 program is a movement education-based curriculum that promotes gross motor development and teaches students about body and spatial awareness.  
    这个课程是为每个年龄层次精心定制的. We start the journey by setting a foundation of fun 和玩耍 in each lesson to encourage joy in physical activity for a lifetime. Conceptual ideas such as patterns, speed, and force are introduced to children at an early age.
    与课堂老师紧密合作, 体育教师帮助孩子们获得听力技能, 听从指示的能力, 合作技能.  
    Children are encouraged to find success at their own ability levels in a safe, 非竞争性的环境. We build self-confidence so students are comfortable and willing to explore and discover new movements and activities.  
    孩子们玩, 学习, 在操场上进行社交活动, 在体育馆, 在攀岩器械上, 和体操器材. 这两个体育馆的设备都是一流的, 由具有幼儿教育经验的教师管理. 
    In the Beginning School, students are exposed to the gym environment to 学习: 
    • 多步的方向 
    • 空间意识 
    • 手眼协调能力 
    • 运动技能——如跑、跳、跳 
    • 合作行为  
    • 与他人合作 
  • 1-3年级体育

    Lower School students are introduced to skill-themed and movement concept units. 孩子们可以单独、结对或作为一个小组来解决问题. 在这些年中,社会情感发展得到了促进. 孩子们开始掌握自己的学习和需求. 
    The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each individual child through a guided discovery and movement education approach. 每节课都包括健身时间, 技能发展, 在修改后的游戏情境中学习概念和策略. Students are given opportunities to work on teamwork, collaboration, and 合作. 
    In the 体育课 department, we aim to help students adopt a can-do attitude. Students are encouraged to develop a sense of achievement through their effort and perseverance.  
    • 运动、健康和健康的重要性 
    • 健身和肌肉如何工作 
    • 运动运动 
    • 手眼协调能力 
    • 运动技能 
    • 合作行为 
    • 社会发展 
    • 是什么造就了一个好队友  
    • 良好的体育精神和公平竞争  
    • 自信 
    • 成为一个自我驱动的学习者 
    • 一生从事体育活动的乐趣 
  • 4-5年级体育

    Fourth and fifth-grade 体育课 is a continuation in the pursuit of refinement of gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination with a movement towards sport-specific skills. 
    Students are introduced to units where they 学习 the basics of the 体育 they will play in the upper school. Core skills and sport-specific skills continue to be developed in a developmentally appropriate way using modified games. More complex 体育 concepts and strategies are 实践d using drills and lead-up games.  
    Cognitive, psychomotor, and affective 技能发展 are the pillars for each lesson and unit. 团队合作和体育精神是课程的重要组成部分, 每节课都有机会. 
    四年级和五年级的学生探索他们的个人健康水平. 使用FitnessGram, 我们测量学生的心血管耐力, 肌肉力量, 和灵活性. This gives students ownership over their own well-being and highlights the importance of 健康, 健康, 和锻炼.  
    在四年级和五年级, we teach students to take 责任 for personal property and educate them about locker room etiquette.  
    Students are exposed to a variety of different 体育 and activities, including: 
    • 曲棍球 
    • 足球 
    • 足球 
    • 棒球/垒球 
    • 篮球 
    • 排球 
    • 体操 
    • 项目的冒险 
    • 网球/羽毛球 
    • 体能测试 
    *In addition to the fifth-grade 体育课 class during the school day, 学生可以参加高中校际活动. 如果他们想参加高中全球十大外围足球平台, 学生将获得独特的选择,练习和与团队竞争.  
  • 高中体育

    高中的体育项目允许学生参加, 实践, 参加团队或非竞争性活动. 每个高中活动都能满足所有能力水平的学生, 从入门到资深玩家的升级. 我们的项目为每个学生都提供了一些东西, whether it be non-competitive fun with friends or a more competitive team sport. 性格和技能的发展是我们项目的重点. 团队合作, 体育精神, 弹性, 责任, 承诺, 奉献, 工作自豪是我们努力追求的品质.  
    在实践, coaches work with athletes to understand more complex 体育 concepts and strategies that are transferred into competitive game situations. Allowing a mixture of ages creates bonds, leadership opportunities, mentoring, and role modeling. Through these lessons, we encourage students to be their best selves on and off the field. The pursuit of excellence, being part of a team, and having fun are our goals!  
    *In addition to the Fifth-Grade 体育课 class during the school day, students are offered the bonus to participate in the Upper School interscholastic program. 如果他们想参加高中全球十大外围足球平台, 学生将获得独特的选择,练习和与团队竞争. 
    • 越野  
    • 足球 
    • 曲棍球 
    • 身体健康 
    • 冒险计划绳索课程 
    • 滑雪和单板滑雪  
    • 篮球 
    • 体操 
    • 南瓜 
    • 身体健康 
    • 垒球 
    • 棒球  
    • 长曲棍球  
    • 网球 
    • 身体健康 
    • 冒险计划绳索课程 

增长 & 成就

校友们经常记得 ​the lessons 学习ed on the 体育 fields at Renbrook and under the tutelage of their coaches. Coaches focus on group trust, mutual support, and 合作 as well as skills development. 比赛的重点根据身体状况而有所不同, 情感, 以及每个学生的社交需求. The experience builds a sense of 责任 to oneself and one's team, and team pride. 

我们的目标是提高学生技能, create a 健康y attitude toward competition and instill a lifelong love of physical activity.


We are excited to announce the addition of a new turf field and a plaza for special events on Renbrook's campus. 草皮场地为推荐十大正规网赌平台带来了一个新的竞技水平.


Renbrook学校 is a co-ed private day school serving students in 学前教育 - Grade 8 in West Hartford, CT.